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Pieces by Jonathan Hayes

Poetry: San Francisco, California
Poetry: Like Eyes of the Tapster
Poetry: Father
Poetry: Klepto Therapy
Poetry: Chicken Poem
Poetry: The Lilies
Poetry: The Lost Hours
Poetry: The Deck Doesn't Look Good
Poetry: Dirt
Poetry: A Green Monster Grins
Poetry: On the Bus
Poetry: Love on Market Street
Poetry: At the Desk
Poetry: Awakening
Poetry: Christmas
Poetry: The Game
Poetry: My Neighbor
Poetry: Fame
Poetry: Dim Sum
Poetry: Taking the Girl
Poetry: On the West Side
Poetry: On the Floor
Poetry: The Black Dude
Poetry: The Feeling
Poetry: The Hot-Spring Geisha
Poetry: On the Edge
Poetry: At the Henry Darger Exhibit
Poetry: Hanging Out the Window
Poetry: Three Poems by Jonathan Hayes: Territory, One More Thing, and Archeology
Poetry: Two Poems by Jonathan Hayes: The Sadhu Sits and At Technical Support
Poetry: Two Poems by Jonathan Hayes: The Boob Tube and The Bellybutton
Poetry: Conversating Weldon Kees
Poetry: Waking Up, Again
Poetry: The Ashcan's
Poetry: Animal
Poetry: Summer Camp
Poetry: 47 Van Ness
Poetry: Full Morning Drunk
Poetry: That Man at the Bar
Poetry: Klepto Therapy (a Poor Mojo Classic)
Poetry: A Buddhist Monastery in Nova Scotia
Poetry: Us
Poetry: Soft Parade
Poetry: Field Trip
Poetry: ate a slice of pizza

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