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The PMjA Book Store
Welcome to the PMjA Bookstore! Here you can buy select print editions of PMjA content by PMjA authors. In addition to this page of books published by Poor Mojo, you can find a page dedicated to books by PMjA authors that have been published by other companies, and you can find a page of Books We Like.

Purchases are processed via PayPal, although you can pay using any major debit or credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account.

Poor Mojo's Sticker Pack
All four designs!

  • 3" x 4½" all-weather vinyl sticker
  • clear-coated for extra durability
  • Ethically printed in the American Midwest by hipsters and punks paid fair wages.

    (click pic for larger image)

    $4 USD (includes shipping within the Continental US)

  • Poor Mojo's Button Pack
    All 5 options!

  • 1-inch diameter buttons
  • two distressed metallic
  • two glow-in-the-dark
  • one black-&-white "nephew" squid
  • Ethically printed in the American Midwest by hipsters and punks paid fair wages.

    (click pic for larger image)

    $5 USD (includes shipping within the Continental US)

  • Buy the guys a beer

  • We've worked really hard for a decade
  • and would really like a cold brewski
  • Seriously, you wouldn't believe some of the crap we've pulled to make this all work

    $3 USD (includes tipping the bartender)

  • Poor Mojo Power Pack!
    One of everything!

  • All four stickers!
  • All five buttons!
  • A numbered, first-edition print of The Giant Squid in Holiday Hijinx (details below)
  • Karmic high-fives and bro hugs from all the fellas!
  • Beers for all!
  • Quantities extremely, extremely limited!

    (click pic for larger image)

    $25 USD (includes shipping within the Continental US)

  • The Giant Squid in Holiday Hijinx
    numbered first edition

  • 119 Pages
  • 5" x 8"
  • Softcover, perfect bound
  • Quantities are extremely limited

    (click pic for larger image)

    $12 USD (includes media rate shipping within the Continental US)


    This lengthy pamphlet (some 119 wood-pulp pages!) includes the Giant Squid's own erudition and meditations of the years 2000-2001 regarding the Holy Days as they are in these United States Americanum, plus a complete record of his ill-fated attempt at holiday making during the Thanksgiving-Yuletide-New Yeared period of 2002.

    Philosophy, record of action, glossy cover, perfect glued binding, full-text both new and old, arcane and esoteric mental ruminations, tales of adventure, plus sundry appendices, drawings, schematics and illustrative diagrams. Surely a bargain at any price, this book is nigh unto an act of theft at $12. Purchase your copy TODAY! Supplies are LIMITED! Time is SHORT and FICKLE! MUTABILITY is the Rule and Regret the Highest PRICE!

    What Are Critics Saying of the Holiday Hijinx?

    "In comparison to the fine author of this tome, I indeed do make the suck"-- Dave Eggers, writer of some little repute and publisher of the McSweeney's (both print and electronic editions.)

    "This is, without questions, the most finely wrought literature. It is an honor to be enslaved in this extra-ordinary squid's Cabinet of Wonders"-- George Double-Yew Bush, Ex-President of these as of Yet Still United States

    "It is doubtless rare that a cephalopod so completely and flawlessly captures the heart of the heart of the American Holiday Forging Spirit. The Giant Squid is truly the Genius of Our Age!"-- Calista Flockhart, Sassy Female Lawyer, Evisceratrix and Tele-visual Actress of some Repute.

    "I love it!"-- Thomas Lynch, Essayist, Poet, Undertaker, Poor Mojo Patron

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