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Poetry #362
(published December 27, 2007)
Three Poems by Jonathan Hayes: Territory, One More Thing, and Archeology
by Jonathan Hayes

A black fly buzzing

inside white lampshade
casting a noir shadow.

It leaves warm glow
of circumference

— soars onto desk
and assaults the keyboard.

One More Thing

Mistaking my appointment date at the dentist,
and failing to show up at work on time to open

— taken into the conference room by managers to "talk."

Coming home, taking the trash out down the hallway,
and the sticker over the lock of my neighbor's door:



a piece of scary dust
Sunday morning.

the Friday night memory

of my tongue spilling onto
the hallway floor

of the apartment building,

until, the hooker told her man
to "stop!"

the sleeper-hold on my neck.

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