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Poetry #358
(published November 29, 2007)
White Teeth
by David LaBounty
He knows that she's seen
at least a thousand
flabby asses but still
it doesn't make him
feel any better about showing
her his flabby ass
                               especially when
she is almost young
and almost pretty,
younger than he is
and further ahead in life
and that stings him a bit;
showing his less than
perfect flesh to someone
more perfect than he. And
it's worse because
the doctor is thin and
the teeth behind her thin
lips are so very white
and he imagines
that she has a thin boyfriend
or a thin husband
with thin lips and white teeth
who is probably
a doctor too or at the
very least a lawyer and
he imagines the two of
them driving their foreign
cars living their life
in some big house
with matching leather
furniture and a
well-stocked bar
for entertaining all
of their thin and white-teethed
friends. She smiles
impersonally at him
and there is really
no way to end this poem
except to say that
she asks him to drop
his pants and then
there's the snap
of surgical gloves.

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