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Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)is an unregistered but nonetheless very important trademark. Please don't abuse us.

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) is an off the cuff publication produced by three guys: David Nelson, Fritz Swanson and Morgan Johnson. The idea for the publication, its design and all content not otherwise indicated is their creation and therefore, one would suppose, copyrighted (can that be a verb?) to them. For content with a byline, all rights remain with the author except First North American Digital Serial and Archive rights, which I just made up because there are no solid governing publication rights that deal exclusively with digital content. Some ideas have been put forward, but nothing is standard, so the basic feeling of this publication is that we have the right to publish a piece and to keep it in our archives for reading and enjoying within the confines of this journal. We do not have the right to reprint any of these pieces in any other format without some sort of okay from the author. We'd like to put together print versions of the material herein, but we'll ask the authors if they think that is cool before we go ahead with any of it. On the issue of images that appear in this publication... most of the stuff comes from a private collection of nineteenth century engravings and old family photographs, so that stuff is clear. There are a few things that come from NASA, and because no endorsement is real or implied, they are cool. The rest come from little widgets of this and that stolen from across the web. For those I say this: 1. They are usually some small portion of the original work and 2. They are usually in some form of collage or in other ways altered and put to a new use which in some way comments directly on their past meaning. While it is a broad defense, I think I will claim fair use on just about the lot of it, putting it into a sort of Pop Art category of free expression. If there is a certain image which you are the copyright holder on and you have a beef, email the Almanac(k) at editors@poormojo.org with your specific beef and we'll work something out. We're handshake and good word sorts of guys who just want to move forward with cool projects. We're poor. We only mean well. And that's all we, I, the magazine has to say about that.

-Fritz Swanson and PMjA (c) 2000-2001, 2004

And don't think we don't know about all of the Mojo's already out there. Mojo Nation, Mojo Press, Mojo Jojo (oh, how we love his simian antics) But we have a legitimate claim to the word. Morgan Johnson is our founder. Morgan Johnson-- MO JO C'mon people, it is undeniable that the magazine had to have MOJO somewhere in the title. And how witty a title it is, evoking as it does the days of yore when that right and honest bastard of an evil genius, Benjamin Franklin (wife beating son of a bitch) founded the American press. We especially like, and when I say we I am actually referring really just to Fritz, his wry bit of a magazine Poor Richard's Almanack... He was a self-publisher exploiting the new technology of his time in order to make money, spread joy and increase his power in the colonies. That is exactly what we are doing. Except for the colonies and power stuff. And we don't beat anyone. In fact, we are prone to a bit of an ass whooping now and again, being that we are meek.... Ok, again, I am only speaking for myself, Fritz Swanson, Dave and Morgan being strapping lads who frequently beat me. So, all that being said, can you see that our magazine title is right and just and appropriate and even though we don't have 700 bucks to pay the government to protect our trademark (Yeah, 700 BUCKS. Can you believe it! bastard government has no concern for the little guy) please don't sue us or steal from us. Or, if you do want to steal from us, at least write us and ask because generally we are fairly amenable to "stealing" provided the appropriate people get credit. But really, please don't sue us, especially you Mr. Yahoo Guy with your cooky Mojo Nation thing going on. We are NOT competing with you. Please, don't beat me. Us. Anyone for that matter. That is all.

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Copyright (c) 2000, 2004, David Erik Nelson, Fritz Swanson, Morgan Johnson

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