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Squid #419
(published January 29, 2009)
Ask the Giant Squid: To Knit, Perchance to Dream; Aye, There's the Rub
Who is Poor Mojo's Giant Squid?
Hi. I am writing to ask a question about a knitting pattern that was posted, Squid #232. Well, my brother asked me to knit this for him and his 30th birthday is coming up, so I wanted to make it for him. Being that he is obviously not a baby, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on adapting the pattern to an adult.

Thanks so much for any info you might have!


Oh mighty squid, could you pass this missive along to your loyal subject and author of the cutest squid hat pattern in the universe, Sara Swanson? Salutations, Squidly Subject Sarah Swanson. Alliteration aside—I couldn't stop laughing as I scrolled down the photo page. It was truly inspired. Utterly hilarious. If you write anywhere else, I'd love to read it. But on a more mundane matter, I'm trying to knit that hat for myself. I have a much larger cranium, nearly 24 inches around (It is a pretty big noggin) and my knitting skillz (such as they are) don't extend to pattern manipulation. The last time I tried that, I ended up with a hat the size of a pumpkin. Can you help?

Appreciatively yours,

Hi there! Was searching the Internet for weird knitted things and came upon your squid hat. It's hilarious! I sent the link to my brother and he loved it. I would like to make him a squid hat for Christmas, but the baby hat won't fit him (he is, after all, 23). So, I'm wondering if the author of "To Eat a Cat" might know how to make the squid hat fit a grown-up . . . (left to my own devices, my version of an adult-sized squid-hat would be disastrous, at best!)

Thanks a million,

(Jeeze, I'm nervous) Um . . . Giant Squid? I'm attempting to contact you with hopes you will respond. I don't know if you'd even care to, but if you do, I would be so grateful! Anyway, this is regarding that knitted squid infant hat. I think that hat is so cute! What I was hoping is if you could, by any chance, make some instructions for a bigger version; one to fit an adult (in other words, me).

Thanks for your time.

To All of My Knit-Bewitched Mojonauts,

These are but a very small sampling of the many missives electronique I have received in the three-and-three-thirds years since I first showcased the quick-knitted-wit of my dearest Sara Swanson and her noble knitted squid hat for infants and the consuming of cats' crania, as pictured below:

Today, I am proud to announce that finally, finally, we are well prepared to sate the hunger of those many, many stitchwomen looking to knit a net of architeuthic splendor to ensconce and ensorcle the heads of the very important adults in their lives (including, but not limited to, themselves). I wish you and your needles Dark and Elder Godspeed in this endeavor. Should you knit a hat, and should you choose to photograph it digitally, I would be plainly delighted to feature such photos here on my Almanac(k), and her associated Newswire weblog.

I Remain,
Your Giant Squid

designed by dedicated reader and loyal Squid America Sara Swanson, faméd for her knitted infant squid hat


Gauge: 6 & 1/2 stitches per inch using #5 needles

(All instructions given assume you knit back and forth with the front of the work always facing you. If you flip your work over after every row, then you need to alternate knitting a row and purling a row.)

White Part

Long Tentacles


Short Tentacles

Blue Part

Long Tentacles


Short Tentacles

Sewing up



See also: Visions of the Giant Squid: To Eat a Cat (also, with instructions for knitting a squid hat for your infant).

If you like squids and textiles, you might also like sewing a Sock Squid; instructions available as a free download from David Erik Nelson's DIY craft book Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred.

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