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Ask the Giant Squid

Need advice? Type your question for the Giant Squid below.

(Of course, we have to say that all questions become property of the squid. You want to fight him for it? We can take you to the tank--after that it's up to you.)


What is pictured above?:
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Look for answers weekly in the Giant Squid's column or intermittently (even daily!) in the Squid (K)uickies section of the Poor Mojo Newswire.


This is what the Giant Squid has to say for himself:

"A special office was built for me, high above your quaint border town of Detroit, Michigan. Watertight, serenely dark, and with enough pressure to crack a Russian sub; I call this office home. It is here that I lie and wait for the waters to cover the earth again-- a time when my kind shall take its rightful place at the head of the dinner table."

So please, in the interim between now and your imminent, watery grave, ask of this Squid what you will. He is here to serve you (until such time as you become available as prey).

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