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Squid #341
(published August 2, 2007)
Ask the Giant Squid: I Have of Late, and Wherefore I Know Not, Lost All My Melodies
Who is Poor Mojo's Giant Squid?
Mr Squid:

I used to turn on the radio and hear good music coming out of it. I recall many years of goodness pouring forth from this radio and the one in my car. Fast forward to 2007 where I seem to have painted myself into a corner and only NPR is on and worth listening to.

I've been wondering for a long time now, what happened to the good music?

Sitting in Silence,

Mister Malone,

Sadly, I cannot speak to whence the good music has gone. Although there are many contributing, stultifying factors in this realm of expression, I cannot allay my suspicions that, at the very root of this problem, lies the Rev. Clear and his Church of Channels. Like and unto many cultish faiths — such as, exempli gratis, the Scientology, the "Theory" of Evolution, and Christ's Amity — the Church of Channels' purposes and methods are cloudy, while its effects remain searingly clear: The smothering of both the American Intellect and Artistic Sensibility beneath the very blandest, most puerile and profitable pablum that might be made available. Should the populi general ever be roused from their dreamless stupor and shown the way to the Gilded Gates of the Reverend's desecrant Church, I doubt not that they shall, en force and en masse, shatter those chains, and storm bodily upon his strange and noisome alter, where they might then forcibly sodomize both his Meretricious "Art" and the very notion of Media Consolidation which it serves. Recordings of this shall then be remixéd and mashéd up ad infinitum, ad astra, and then ad nauseam. Amen.

But that is all much a matter to the side. I desire most to spread the loves, not the hates. As such, I invite — no, rather I insist — that all faithful Mojoketeers and Mojonauts join me in the Newswire, where we might exchange and publicize where we find the good music broadcast, and how Malone might do likewise.

I give my triple-heartfelt thanks-in-advance for your assistance,

And I Remain,
Your Giant Squid

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