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Squid #172
(published March 25, 2004)
Notes from the Giant Squid: Diachronic Illustrative Diagrams; part the first of an ongoing or intermittent series

Who is Poor Mojo's Giant Squid?
Comic Strip Synopsis by Dave, PMjA Editor and Technologist: OK, in the first frame the Giant Squid— being played by something that looks a lot like a Post-Cthulhu-Rising Bat Signal— explains that he's taken to doing the comic thing in order to communicate some of the more subtle blah blah blah of what's going on in the lab when he's arguing with that pot-headed retard assistant of his.  The pot-headed retard, meanwhile, is bitching about being portrayed by a creepy little gnome, which is admittedly pretty fuckin' funny (the gnome is, I mean.  Funny.)   In the second frame they're just sorta looking at each other, and in the third frame Rob has turned his back on the GS, and is cursing about the strip.

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