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Rant #173
(published April 1, 2004)
legitimate beef
by Jason Dulde

The management at Eat Well sucks, as does the management at the Psychobabble, except I cut that woman some slack because it's just one shop. Eat well is a chain and they are too big for their britches. Do you want to know something? Most of the shops on Sunset Junction suck. They are mostly glory babies riding on their location bemoaning their overhead.

Word to your mother.

I shouldn't have gotten a traffic ticket on Hyperion and Sunset. I also shouldn't have gotten a jaywalking ticket there, either. Something is wrong with that corner, and I refuse to take the blame for any car accidents that might have occurred there in the past.

I am in danger, and I don't like it. I am well-acquainted with this corner and this stretch of pavement. I remember back when it was peaceful and benign.

Yo, beauty is inside and comes right out just when you need it, and the same goes for inner peace. Any kind of peace starts with the individual and is there when you need it more trustworthy than any sort of weapon.

Perversion is a matter of corrupt peace. Greed is fine, in my opinion. Pretense sucks. Status is lame. Clout is good. Power is good when you've got sound moral values.

Racism is beneath me, and I hesitate to even mention it on this page.

I am the kind of guy that is willing to take on the burden of racism, however, for the reason that I know that I can beat it. My method as pertains to racism is to contribute to charity that benefits minority groups for the reason that people on the street are not receptive to a good-hearted person and so you've got to take the issue up with the higher ups and let them know that you're for their cause and for the cause of everybody that they support. I contribute money to the NAACP every year. To the ACLU primarily for kicks, but also because I believe in nearly everything that the ACLU stands for. I contribute to KPFK because they're sane and sober people amidst an insensitive administration.

Care is important. If you don't care about something, which does happen occasionally, then you can't help that person or that cause. If you do, then you and that person will never be estranged from each other. You are with that person, so to speak. Being 'with' somebody is a reality at any level, street, philosophical, whatever.

People refer to being in the milieu of care as being in love and it's not wrong to refer to that state of being as such, although to be 'in love,' in my opinion, is a term that ought to be reserved for something close, perhaps sacred that is shared between one person and another.

I have friends that I care for and that I am not in love with, for instance. I would choose one person, Nelly, before anybody, save maybe for my family.

If I were to mistake care for being in love, then I would get too involved with that person when it is inappropriate, in public, for instance. I don't do that. A situation involving care also takes a degree of cool and a grip on what's going on around you. Being in love as for instance, when you're at home means that you can get lost in that other person. Being in love and making love, talking or whatever enhances the reality of care when you're hanging out with your friends.

If you don't care, then what do you have to bring to the table? Anybody can cop an attitude. Doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good attitude. Doesn't mean that your attitude works in the grand scheme of things.

A fuck-you attitude is effective only on certain occasions. Either that or you're living your life with your middle finger in the air, which is fine for some, but when I'm hanging out at a restaurant, for instance, I don't need to be subjected to that. There's something to be said for ambiance and hospitality.

I bring a lot to the table, but I'm not a fool. I expect to be respected for that, at the very least, if the other parties present are incapable of adding something of their own. What's your contribution to life?

Some people think that it's fashionable to be greedy. If you're out for the money, then go out and get it. Don't pretend that you are more than you really are just so that other people think that you deserve special treatment.

I have issues with the management at Eat Well.

I ask for very little in return, but I do ask for some sort of compensation. The truth of the matter is that most people are not as hip as I am, and so usually can't contribute anything close to what I do so in most instances, I take what I can get.

It's not particularly attractive to be greedy, and in fact it's ugly. Most people can't cop to their own greed, and so look for a reflection of their own ugliness, clothe it in something trendy so that they can get by.

Personally greed is not such a bad thing. I wouldn't live in LA if greed was such a problem for me. The thing is that being in LA to some people mean that they're supposed to be greedy, like it's an imperative. Again there are worse things to have to conform to in other parts of the country, but being here in LA right now this is the issue that I've got to deal with.

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