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Poetry #395
(published August 14, 2008)
(a Poor Mojo's Classic)
by D.C. Fields
[As August 2008 marks the close of our seventh year of weekly publication, we shall spend this month enjoying "the blast from the past" with selections from Poor Mojo's Almanac(k): Year One. Please, enjoy! — Your Giant Squid, Editor-in-Chief, PMjA]

[originally published in issue #21]

half on half off
the epitome of efficiency
(or laziness)
who am i to say?

each moment of life
is measured in wavelengths
60hz worth of 010101
half of life is spent in zeroes
darkness we cannot see

even this web I am trapped in
displayed for eyes half seeing the day
dark letters on dark plasma screens
punctuated by light
so briefly and inane

there is nothing to fear
in shadow the world is forever the same
with a flick of the switch
I turn the darkness on
and chase the light away

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