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Poetry #103
(published October 10, 2002)
by Martin Rutley

According to Ruben, it's 1973
Or "The year of tilt and side-step"
as he likes to call it

A significant date in Ruben's theory
concerning the degeneration of artistic motive

(Typed notes beneath mattress on
candlelight and purity)

During the night, I hear him talking
to the detuned television set
in the corner of his room

I've stood with an ear pressed
to his bolted door

(Unable to resist his epic arguments
with grinning Warhol)

A beautifully constructed diatribe
regarding effort versus outcome
and the needlessness
of genius

(Imagine taking on such an icon whilst
urinating into empty coke bottles)

Eight weeks ago, he re-started his novel
about Christ, the serial killer
and his BMX riding comrades
out for vengeance on the 2 am
streets of San Francisco

(Christ paints triptych scenes
of game-show host in boot of car)

A seven-year labour spanning two
decades and seventeen brutal homicides

"This is no parody", yells Ruben
"This is a portrait of Christ at his angriest"

On Sunday evenings, mood permitting
He recites excerpts from his Grandfather's
poetry to his imaginary Finnish friend, Kale

"Old man,write me one more passage"
"Soul chaser, parasite and patriot"

One piece, 'My life was saved by labour strikes'
has become a particular favourite to Ruben

(Indeed, he can't read it without first
supporting himself against some solid object)

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