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Poetry #104
(published October 17, 2002)
by Marcy Jarvis

Arrow-head <>~
Your males and females separate
like Quakers at meeting.
Ponds have a way of drying up,
leaving you stranded.

Wood anemone (*)
Emblem of illness,
Romans picked your first blooms to stave off fever.
Certain peasants rush past,
believing you taint the air.

False Hellebore <>~
As likely to poison as to heal,
do your deadly work.
It's something no one else would ever do
based on something no one else would ever see.

Knotted figwort (*)
Insignificant flower,
What you lack in charm,
you make up for in serving,
whereby many are fertilized.

By no means are you unimportant,
seeing how highly visited you are.
Though wasps' buzzing mystifies your ear,
listening; you can't help singing.

Old man's beard <>~
Bending, blowing, bowering;
virgins take refuge
under your festooning blooms.
We only find the worlds we look for.

Card Teasel (*)
Dew collects in her basin of Venus.
Flies, apply your tongues
to her nectar drops,
one by one.

Naked Broom-rape <>~
Curious parasite,
fastening yourself onto the roots of honest plants.
With leaves now shriveled from disuse,
you live by piracy.

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