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Pieces by Papa Osmubal

Poetry: Prior To A Dictator's Flee To Exile
Poetry: Trial
Poetry: Sculpture
Poetry: Epitaph
Poetry: My Father In His Deathbed
Poetry: This Goddamn Society: Christmas 2005
Poetry: The Hieroglyphic Bard
Poetry: Two Poems by Papa Osmubal: Another One of Those Nights and Early Morning. Macau
Poetry: Two Poems by Papa Osmubal: "Rebel vs. Rebel" and "Gourmet's Advice"
Poetry: Leal Senado Square
Poetry: This Goddamn Society: Five Poems by Papa Osmubal
Poetry: A Dadaist In Chung Shan, Guangdong, China
Poetry: Omen
Poetry: Aubade
Poetry: At the PTA Meeting
Poetry: GAGA
Poetry: Three Poems
Fiction: Gopal And The Canaries
Fiction: The Student And The Box
Fiction: The Northern Kingdom: 4 Minute Stories
Fiction: The Firefly And The Mosquito
Fiction: The Wind

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