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Fiction #263
(published January 26, 2006)
The Firefly And The Mosquito
by Papa Osmubal
Teacher Lakambayan noticed that his students were growing impatient and as a consequence they could no longer understand and appreciate the value of their work.

So teacher Lakambayan told them this story:

Long time ago there were two friends, the firefly and the mosquito, who were assigned by the god of the jungle to be night watches. When dark fell after sundown, the two friends had to start for work. The mosquito would always fret about darkness no end, while the firefly was busy thinking of ways on how they could possibly work in the dark.

One day the firefly thought that they should bring lamps and carry them to work. The mosquito agreed on the idea; but his patience grew thin that one evening on their way to work he threw his lamp and complained, "What use is the lamp when it is but a heavy load of disturbance in our flight!"

Upon witnessing this from his throne on the highest tree, the god of the jungle punished him.

"You, mosquito, will forever curse the dark," said the god of the jungle. That was the start why the mosquito is heard only buzzing in the dark now. He will never stop complaining about the dark, buzzing here, buzzing there, buzzing everywhere.

To the firefly, on the other hand, the god of the jungle said, "You, firefly, you will forever carry a lamp with you. It will not be a burden to carry a lamp anymore, for I will make it a part of your body. You will forever see in the dark." That was how the firefly got its fire.

"Patience breeds reward, while complaining embitters the heart," warned Teacher Lakambayan.

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