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Poetry #428
(published April 2, 2009)
Two Poems by Papa Osmubal: "Rebel vs. Rebel" and "Gourmet's Advice"
by Papa Osmubal
Rebel vs. Rebel
"What is your blood type?"
I asked.

"BMW," he said,
poking his face into mine,
snapping his fingers,
nodding his head,
chewing a gum,
winking his red eye,
crooning a rock & roll song.
"Blue!" He added as he turned.
"My dahling doll loves it that way!"

I was about to hit his
tattooed buttocks real hard,
when I finally thought I would
sure become a murderer
since his kinda damn blood
is much rarer than readers of poetry.

Holding my breath, I whispered,
"Cool, Johnny. That's simply cool, brothah!"

Then I walked away
regretting why I bothered
talking to such a jerk.

Gourmet's Advice
An old friend told me this:

There are two ways to eat clams—

one, slurp them making sure your noise disturbs
to recreate the sound of the wind;


two, contemplate their taste
and own the salt of the sea and of sweat.

Papa Osmubal writes from Macau, Southern China.

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