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Squid #14
(published Late in the Year, 2000)
Ask The Giant Squid: Of Copyrights and Men
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Mr. Giant Squid,

I am aware that the Mickey Mouse is going to be 75 years old soon. Wow! That's exciting, but there's something unsettling to some in the high corporation that is Disney. The copyright on Mickey Mouse is up, over due, revoked, absolved...........that is, gone after 75 years. Disney is having a shit-fit over this and they are spending a lot of time in Congress trying to get the copyright laws changed to be in their favor. Well, this is all too interesting and I was just dying to know what the outcome of all this is going to be. So, it is this that I ask you Squid...what's going to happen to this world when that dark birthday rears it's scary head and Mickey Mouse will belong to everybody?



Dear M@LONE,

This query fascinates. I have spent many days researching this issue. Your Copy Right Law is as labyrinthal as the delicate coils of your inner ear. I have reviewed the legal precedent and the evolution of opinion regarding Copy Right Law, not just where it concerned the post 1950's American sense of the entity, but also back into its evolution in English law, where it fought and flourished, conquering many a competing legal-scuttler, to rise to its great, dominant and multi-armed girth. Perhaps second only to Tax Code, Copy Right Law bears a striking resemblance to we Lords of the Deep:

  • Huge
  • Strong
  • Fickle
  • Loathful of the Common Man

    The problems have been weighed, the thoughts of many judges and artists have been considered— all of this, many hundreds of years of Western history, many millions of lines of your grunt-text, I have held within my mind, grasped with the ease and attention of an adolescent human grasping his tumescent, ardent mating-tentacle. Finally I was able to determine an appropriate response.

    With the help of a small, experimental robotic manipulator, a water-soluble marker and sheets of pressed wood pulp, I produced this detailed diagram:

    Click here to see the diagram.

    Thank you. That is all.


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