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Rant #352
(published October 18, 2007)
Ode to A Large Computer Store Which I Cannot Name
by J. M. Munsil
Oh, Store I Cannot Name, I loathe thee
I avoid thee at all costs
But occasionally
My genial nature
Plays me false
And I enter thee

And this time, this time
(false friend!)
Thee knew what I was asking for
And thee knew where it was
And thee put it
Into my hot little hands
In 30 seconds

And I was stunned
I was in awe

So, I took me to pay thee
And there were no open registers
So, I took me to Customer Support
To pay thee
And there were no open registers
For 'non-support' items

And I was shocked
I was incensed

And naively I asked thee

And thee responded
That there were insufficient
Staff to sell
As they were all stocking
Things to sell

And I laughed at thee
In wonder
And left thee
With thy stock in thy hand
Instead of up thy arse
Where I was most tempted
To place it

My genial nature
Plays me false

Author's Note: This really happened. I swear.

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