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Poetry #508
(published October 14, 2010)
e e cummings
by Hal O'Leary
His poetry is most replete,
With lines that really bear repeat,
But one stands our that's most elite.
"there is some shit I will not eat"
While some may think it indiscrete
To speak of that which we excrete,
As for myself, I'll not retreat.
I think the line is bloody neat.
It's neither macho nor effete.
It speaks to victory not defeat.

But let us never risk deceit,
And try to set it in concrete,
For his command to be complete,
This implication we must meet.

Hal O'Leary is an eighty-five year old retired founder and artistic director of the Towngate Theatre in Wheeling, WV. He was recently inducted into the Wheeling Hall of Fame and the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from West Liberty University.

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