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Poetry #507
(published October 7, 2010)
by Maggie Lawson
Spring begins
with hidden life.
Zygotes wake,
embracing warmth.
Budding babes
and suckling sprigs
laboring from earthen wombs.

Summer grows
in verdure waves.
Fulgent star
brazen blooms
on lanky stems,
crowning earth in floral plumes.

Autumn falls
in firestorm hues;
fruitful labor
easing limbs.
Empty nests show
parental duties complete.

Winter ends
with earth's respite.
Branches grieve
for fall's decay.
Thus becomes
solum solstice;
orphaned litter giving back.

Maggie Lawson is a forty-one year old mother of five from New Zealand. "Although I am typically a writer of fiction I started writing poetry in an effort to focus on the importance and power of a single word."

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