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Poetry #272
(published March 30, 2006)
by Joseph Lisowski
What happened to sleep, huh?
That's what I wanna know.
Night visitors is what I get.
Wouldn't bother me a bit
if they was college co-eds
an' I was hung like Einstein.
No sir, I'd even throw in
another tab of polident,
make sure them choppers glisten
when I says, "Welcome to Paradise!"
But it ain't like that.
Not even hags bother by.
Bugs is what I get,
fat ones with lotsa legs
runnin' all over my face,
drinkin' my wine when I doze,
crappin' ina corner,
throwin' up ona my pillow,
leavin' skid marks ona sheets.
Good thing all the mirrors is broke.
I'd hate to see what they did to my face.

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