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Poetry #270
(published March 16, 2006)
by Charles Clifford Brooks III
I love catching Bach
in his ebbs and easing
between his divine movements.
In that hum he handles
across his strings.
He humbles me.
My world, my Creation,
is tuned in his hands.

Beethoven is a
kinda man.
His notes bigger than breaks or stops.
His compositions
were never deaf to the Alpha and Omega
of resentment and vindication.

But Bach—
he is a well known movie.
Anywhere is fine.
Feel it to the end then rewind,
the second time is even sweeter.
Then the third,
the fourth . . .

Bach loves you
through your enlightened mind.
When you listen,
any time, any place.
Any hymn;
Bach bathes us all
in his brilliant baptismal waters.
He leaves me collected
and celestially balanced.

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