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Poetry #122
(published February 20, 2003)
Seaman (from Mommy, part 2 of 5)
by Barry Blumenfeld

Scissors cut paper.
The bunk bed's shaking.
Gesso. Semen paste.
Masturbation lessons
Mommies aren't supposed to give, are
They? You did.
Clumped up wads,
Disgusting, yes,
But I didn't guess
How much, I guess.

Going, not coming!
Clytemnestra's confused.
The bunk bed's shaking.
Scissors slice mattress.
Ridiculous, I
Dodge whirling blades, kissed
Away to meet the world,
Penned by cheap pasteboard walls.
It's Queens, after all.
Kill me, mommy.
Victory is mind. You missed.

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