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Poetry #117
(published January 16, 2003)
On this Ferris Wheel
by Nicole Aimee Roux
No tomorrow
Next week next time
Promises enslaved
Encapsulated in rhyme
Darling, stars
Will never glow like this again
Bright like eyes
Shocked like children
You, my faithless companion
Entrust your soul to a sweeping hand
But we only get one go-round
We only hand pick snippets
That become memories
While our souls still fizz
And your hand still fits mine
Can you promise
That the cumin-luminous
Sun will always love us
Two circus lovers
The dog and pony show
That never impresses?
Lover, we only have these ideas
Kissing with hearts so full
Once in a clear moon
We only choose chocolate
Tones in the nosegay
While we still see ocean and horizon
As lovers making earthen love
No, tomorrow
Is for those who fear
Who never just jump in
Without first testing
With tentative toes
We, for all our salt
Can laugh and cry
In the elapse of a sunset
We kiss ellipses when we kiss
(Sometimes we just melt
As in "I end and you begin where?")
My sunburn seeks only the shade
Of your eyelashes, only hope
Like mango on your lips
And no matter how drunk I get
We're still at the top of this ride
Blurry festival colored lights
Competing with the stars
Crisp exhilaration rumbles around us
Accordions and flutes,
Tunes made dissonant by motion
And all I want is to know
If this is my heart's butterfly
Or if this moment means more to me
Than life itself
And all I care of safety
Is that your knee is forever
Touching mine
In this universe of inflating balloons
And soap bubbles, sawdust and love
You know, if the moon fell on me right now
I don't even think I'd mind dying, pancake flat.

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