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Poetry #112
(published December 12, 2002)
A Very Ugly Australian
by B.R. Dionysius

On the pebble beach at Olimpos,
Baldwin skips 3000-year-old shards
of Mycenaean pottery into the luke-
warm Mediterranean Sea. Only manages
a maximum of three bounces across
the ocean's earthquake ripple
surface. It's only a 5.8 on
the Richter scale of archaeological sacrilege, so he settles down;
his bulk flares out like a babyskin
beach umbrella as Baldwin thinks
of the shape of things to come.
Pissing on the Parthenon & hanging
a crap inside the Coliseum.
On the European continent, Gypsy children whimper in their sleep, crushed by the olive press of time.

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