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Rant #509
(published October 21, 2010)
by Sue Ellis
In late summer, tree frogs morph into window clings, attracted by the bugs who spiral around the porch light that shines outside my kitchen window.

I leave the light on late into the evening, hoping to see the frogs. The frogs are hoping to catch the confused bugs who mistake Edison's invention for the moon, by which they navigate, leaving them susceptible to . . scorched wings and window clings.

Still, despite the fact that there is probably an environmental travesty going on, the frogs are adorable. I go after the camera.

A digital click later, there we are, unexpectedly: the amphibian, and one of the same species who invented light bulbs, in the dark rectangle of window glass that reflects me in my brightly lit kitchen taking a snapshot of the underbelly of the frog, who is clinging to the dark glass, outside.

Sue Ellis is a writer from the Inland Northwest.

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