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Rant #488
(published May 27, 2010)
Texas Board of Ed: Flintstones a Documentary
by Terry Hawkins
Austin (AP)—After three days of heated testimony and nearly thirty seconds of closed door deliberation, the Texas Board of Education announced curriculum decisions to govern growing Lone Star minds for the decade to come.

Sensing that education had swung too far to the left, the Board—whose elected members' sole qualification appears to be a birthdate in or before 1989—voted sweeping changes in what their young 'uns will be learning. Among the highlights in a recent announcement to students and parents:

Board of Ed Chairman Don McLeroy denied that the new standards were an agenda-driven hard right turn from consensus reality. "We struck a very careful balance," he explained patiently. "Believe me, there was a lot of yelling from the right as well as the left when we had our closed door meeting. But you know what? Flat Earth Science is still just an elective."

But he added with a twinkle, "For now."

Terry Hawkins is the author of the wonderful "The Rage of Achilles."

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