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Rant #241
(published August 25, 2005)
It Was Wet Outside And Everybody Was Carrying Heavy Things
by Jason Polan
A woman bumped my leg with a jug of apple juice. It didn't hurt. I watched her walk away as I tried to figure out if I would prefer to kick her in the shin or just steal the apple juice and drink most of it until she turned her head and said, "sorry". I waved and smiled and all was forgiven. It was wet outside and everybody was carrying heavy things. A girl standing next to the lady as she turned had a band-aid on her right ankle. She was wearing tall black high heals. The band-aid was over a cut that was bleeding through it. There was a line of blood connecting the gauze of the band-aid and the thin heal of the shoe. A man slowly whispered, "wow," as a response to something the little girl holding his hand said while looking up at him. She was happy with his reaction.

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