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Poetry #540
(published May 26, 2011)
What Do Men Want
by Timothy Gager
in response to Kim A
I want a woman in a red dress.
flimsy and cheap, too tight,
and want her to wear it
until I can tear it off her.
I want a case of cheap beer,
in a Styrofoam cooler, sweat
beading on the bottle
the same way my sweat
forms on my back before
It saturates my shirt.
I want that woman to
peel off her dress
and dance naked, while
handing me scotch
when it's time to move on.
I want her to understand
when all I want to do is lie
in bed and smoke cigarettes
while she drapes herself
over my ankles, the softness
of her red camisole massaging the
tops of my feet and I want the
drinks to be handy so we won't
have to move, except in each other
the pure harshness
all poured down my throat
soothed by the velvety texture of her
panties, and I want to pull them
to the side, check what's underneath.
I want a woman
who will make me feel that
I'm perfection in a vessel, who'll think,
my paycheck is larger than I know it is,
who'll tell me, my dick is larger as well.
I want to be the only
man out there badass enough
to drive a rusted out car,
not worry about the weather
report because the
the floorboard leaks,
there'll still be a "chance of blowjob"
so my dark clouds don't maker
by the time her thighs start
pumping the sunshine out of me
so hot the world burns in hell.

Timothy Gager notes that this poem is a response to Kim Addonizio's "What Do Women Want?". He writes in Dedham, MA, and lives on www.timothygager.com.

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