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Poetry #538
(published May 12, 2011)
by William Stonebraker
Aching to belong
To become a herd-being
Safe behind the mask

And the rituals
Hiding from uncertainty
Freed from decisions

Membership offers
The promise of paradise
No more thrash about

Just tranquility
No more deep apprehension
No sounds in the dark

The rate of exchange
Is the silent permission
You give and you give

No thing of the spirit
To hold as your possession
No room for your breath

Wounded and needy
Afraid and vulnerable
Aching to belong

Buying into it
Entranced by the promises
Convinced with deceits

The rate of exchange
for life upon this fine earth
the demise of soul

William Stonebraker is an addictions counselor at a women's residential facility. He believes coffee is a sacrament, and he likes squid: Likes to watch 'em and likes to eat 'em.

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