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Poetry #490
(published June 10, 2010)
My Story of Love
by Onyenezi Chika Victor
For as long as I sing;
You do not weep nor listen to the beat of my heart...
Just glisten while I weep
For sorrow is my soul mate;
A mating damp in my loin.

Worries are nothing but the captain of my ship
A ship coupled in lust and love,
Lust and love?

I am a captain of their enigma
Wondering when my urges will differentiate between them.
The same urges that left me wet last night,
The same love that quenched my ugly urge,

I wonder how many of you
Have had their hearts decorated before
I had mine decorated before;
A red ribbon round the hem,
Purple to show my kindness,
Pink to let you know I care,
Upon all I toasted it with love for you!

But then you shredded my heart into pieces,
You pierced it before the sun
And tattooed it before my adversaries
Like a virgin's night out...
You broke it
I am gone;
From your warm bosom built with chisels.

But I wonder who will mend this heart.
But as you hear my story, do not cry.
Just glisten while I cry!

Onyenezi Chika Victor still lives in Nigeria, writing from the cities of Owerri and Enugu. He is an editor for AuthorMe.com.

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