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Poetry #489
(published June 3, 2010)
This Wants to Be
by Sergio A. Ortiz
The Imagination
This chewed sweet and sour garlic / this asymmetric leg
of Greta Garbo / this involuntary grotto of silence /
this unpublished premonition of a stiff kiss / this anticyclone
in the topography of a sigh / this genteel lubricant
of bovine orgasms / this kyriopascha obsession
of turning the abstract into the concrete.

The Words
These oblique cartographies / these choral songs
with those far-off glints / these cesti gloves
from the Forum of Augustus / these small moments
of our "visions of paradise."

The Impossible
This malnourished duffel bag /
this cement stuffed tooth painter/ this resolute
algebraic cat / this invisible postcard
to the invisible man / this rumble
that startles a child's mouth.

Sergio A. Ortiz writes from San Juan, Puerto Rico. His chapbook, At the Tail End of Dusk, was published by Flutter Press in 2009.

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