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Poetry #48
(published July 12, 2001)
Thoughts at Evening
by Brett Richard Fennessy

1. Sheathe your sword, take off your makeup
Stow the lunchbox, cigarettes
minutes grind to leaden hours
in the station silhouettes

2. In the overclasping city
lined with pavement, concrete, cops
in the end and in the mainstream
life is easy when it's lost

3. Less than working, overpaying
all the old unsubtle few
those that left are not returning
those that stay can't last too long

4. Running over Sunny city
on a plastic orange track
miles of vinyl silver skyline,
once they leave they can't get back

5. Accidental floating paper
taxi foggy evening breeze
television yakisoba
roll the bed out,
                       rest in peace.

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