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Poetry #373
(published March 13, 2008)
Two Poems by Trey Allan Knarr: Insomnia and The Coffee Exploded
by Trey Allan Knarr

You know them?
           (don't you)
the ones with
those apathetic eyes


the candy bars in their hands,
the hair tumbling their faces,
the caffeine going straight to their heads.
the ones who hear whizzing through their noses.
those who feel air on their goatees

they push buttons with one fingernail
(page up, insert, ctrl alt del
           num lock, /,)
tabbing with utmost skill
Isn't boredom just a tragedy when it masquerades as sincerity?

The Coffee Exploded

and killed two passersby
who were on their way to the
tri-state area strip mall to
gather supplies for a large
wooden ship.

One was wearing a tee shirt
a photo of some flag-wavin homophobic prick
in one hand a plump cigar

the other was cupped
around the zipper of mustard-stained
corduroy trousers

The second passerby was caught
with his fly down reading t.s. eliot and entering loud commas
into high school fiction contests.

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