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Poetry #291
(published August 17, 2006)
Paper Buddha & Some Ice Cubes
by Toni Barca
My baby was able to string my paper lantern on the naked light bulb.
The fan above it blows cool air . . .
It's an easy day,
I'm laying back wearing nothing but a linen shirt and a bra.
My public bone furred, my legs thrown up on the wall reading some article about Hemingway and his Jane.
I would love to get a bottle rum throw some ice cubes in a low ball,
& sip staring up at my saffron paper lantern, mesmerized by the scene of Buddha getting it on with his Consort.
Their lips intertwined, the sweat of their mating like drops of ice falling upon my brow.
The sound of moans a welcome AUM of breaths shared rising on waves of spirit fires . . .

I watch for any sign of erotic life.

The sun set in my bedroom.
Feeling the Pasadena heat roll out to the shores of Africa.
I would never kill white zebras, but I hunt for the shadowy figure of John Huston playing cat & mouse with some elephant.

I meet Anais Nin who whispers that she hates panties, dropping them from my ceiling;
black lace mini things that would never fit my woman's hips.
I smell the soft cologne of lavender waft through my open window.

Who has arrived?

Ava Gardner with her cat's eyes, peer from my closet door.
She licks her finger tips and throws me a wink.
She's wearing my leopard blouse and Anais' panties.

She tells me the tale of the Yogi she almost had,
Of flirting with Churchill,
& giving head to Hendrix.

I don't think about work.
I don't think about a future undiscovered.
I just have one wish . . . that I could kick back nude in my bed,
To bask beneath my paper Buddha lantern while getting drunk;
Perhaps making sexual advances upon myself . . .
I'm gonna call in sick tomorrow.

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