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Poetry #290
(published August 10, 2006)
I'm Your Field Trip
by Katharine Polenberg
I am millions of dollars of
technology and science
you forget
when you look
that you're seeing this
new appliance
I am THAT good

When I move
steel bone under
poly resin flesh
it's seamless
I'm smooth as
thunder is
powdered sugar
no less like
this morning waving
at cars
only half-dressed

Hissing compressed air
with every breath I take
when you're awake
Ingersoll Rand
had a hand
in delivering the motion
I can't really be
fathomed more-
like a non-Newtonian shearing force
or how big is the ocean?

how do they know
what sound I
would have made?

they dug up the skulls
of ancestors
and turned on
a tape recorder
and blew into the
sockets bone

What you're hearing
is just vibration caused
when your hot breath
meets my still force of
elemental stone

Take what you hear
leave the rest alone

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