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Poetry #6
(published Late in the Year, 2000)
My Angel
by Sara Schneider

She dances like an LSD angel on somebody else's rooftop,
spinning in slow motion to silent music
drowning in flashes
of her stop-motion-photography life.
I watch her between the glossy covers,
memorizing her sunken eye sockets,
greasy hair,
flat chest,
I watch her on my TV,
my fuzzy blue box.
She is in some one else's music video.
She beckons me with her heroin hallow eyes,
and I dance like a hippo from Fantasia
around my step-mom's living room.

I have her picture over my toilet.
I hung it up for inspiration.
She gives me strength when I'm down on my knees,
trying to puke up the girl next door.

She is everything right.
She is strung-out, drugged up, vinyl and money.
I want to eat her,
which is okay,
because by the time she is half digested she'll be out of style.
So before I eat her,
I'll boil her,
save what little body fat she has
and inject it into my lips.

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