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Poetry #1
(published Mid-year, 2000)
Chonchón at Night
by Cara Jeanne Spindler

(from "Fauna of Chile," The Book of Imaginary Beings, Jorge Luis Borges.)

We sat to eat sopa de ajo, thick tracery of egg and paprika.
Something screamed from the trees outside.

I am inedible, a human head, all skull and brain,please don't eat me. What is my crime?
They took two strings of yarn, made the Seal of Solomon,
and I fell.

There was a horrific crash, and we went out to look.
It was ugly, a flying turkey, and limp. We thought it was dead,
but to make sure we chopped off its head
and tossed it to the dog.

I will stretch your belly like a watermelon, dog.
I will taste like brine and sit, a stone, in you.

The dog swelled up, monstrously, his stomach pushing at his ribcage;
unable to vomit, he whimpered in a corner all night long.

The others found me like this, and flew off
with my poor body, in death taking its human form.
They will not let the gravedigger see my headless corpse,
so I will be buried in Christian ground.

We looked for the bird at dawn, and could not find a trace,
not a feather, not even a bloodstain.

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