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Poetry #521
(published January 13, 2011)
Show Your Face
by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
Just keep to your word and show your face.
I've told them you're coming, you silly lass.
There's no need to kiss or embrace.

But we'd scribbled so much about being chaste
At the first meeting: there should be no other lads
to see my flushed smiles and passionate face.

Don't make a fuss about such a small case.
They are discreet, understanding, not crass.
They won't see our wet kisses, our long embrace.

You want me there my charm to showcase.
I am a puppet, as usual, or a trophy ass.
You fail your word. I won't show my face.

Dear, I've even prepared your pillowcase.
I'm an ass, I admit. But I do miss my lass.
Please, come, come. Let me see your love-drunk face.

And I want to be in no other place.
Just don't force me to be owned en masse.
Fine, I'll keep to my word and show my face.
Give you long kisses and a wet embrace.

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is a Hong Kong-born writer currently based in London, UK.

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