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Poetry #397
(published August 28, 2008)
If The Earth Were a Glass Ball
(a Poor Mojo's Classic)
by James Monteith
[As August 2008 marks the close of our seventh year of weekly publication, we shall spend this month enjoying "the blast from the past" with selections from Poor Mojo's Almanac(k): Year One. Please, enjoy! — Your Giant Squid, Editor-in-Chief, PMjA]

[originally published in issue #24]

and we could see through it,
the people of Australia would appear
as if they were standing
or walking with their heads downward;

we would see the soles of their feet,
and they would see the soles of ours.

When we have day, the Australians have night.

This found poem originally ran as a footnote on page 90 of Barnes' Elementary Geography, by James Monteith; A.S. Barnes & Company, 1885.

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