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Poetry #385
(published June 5, 2008)
Being Tomboys
by Victoria Clayton Munn
I remember the days when wet, pink
chilled earthworms wiggled in my fists
before I poured them down Adam's back,
girlish screams — my laughter — dirty damp palms.
Clasping tadpoles between index and thumb
frogs and toads hopped from arm to arm.

Today, cold silk writhes through my hands
sensual yet foreign, small eyes,
forked tongue tasting my fingertips.
He tries to escape my tender grasp,
but hand over hand I bar his escape
offering a glimpse of nature's beauty
to my daughter's saucer eyes.

Her smile, wide, happy — extending fingers to touch
the little garden serpent that brings no fear —
and I know, she too, will play with bugs
in the summer sun.

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