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Poetry #298
(published October 5, 2006)
What I learned in AP US History
by IAteCanada@gmail.com
All of America's ills will be cured by the great society
New freedom
New Deal
Here is your great society, you arrogant prick.

I will impact your FDR
And congressman your Johnson
I will model your great society on the New Deal
and shift your welfare state—so
Let's bake some muffins

A conservative revolution starts with '68
After your New Freedom is a return to normalcy
Eisenhower fucks up
Nixon is coming
He's coming? Dear me.
Shut up.

Let's have some
Peace without conquest
And a rousing speech for those who war in Vietnam
The DBQ will be on the exam
Read read read tell discuss Johnson argue escalate strand write keep page speech—

Summarize, motherfucker.

I believe you said "a rousing."

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