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Poetry #263
(published January 26, 2006)
Stop Working for The Boss I
found by Fritz Swanson

Have the managers already loved shouting?.
I didn't love dancing for two hours..
Haven't the journalists liked surfing?.
Do those gardners regret walking carefully?.
I didn't dislike cooking at home..
Haven't you disliked reading?.
Did Alfred's niece like playing well?.
Until that day, he could not hear the language differences. He asked for the computer every day by pointing to it. He was allowed to spend time each day on the noun program. One year later he was talking in full sentences and was staffed into normal preschool..
You are always missing reading..
today i need to goto the store. .
I was missing jumping..
Some store clerks like working in London..
I missed shouting carefully..
I am missing working right now..
I didn't love dancing for two hours..
Ashley disliked reading between the two buildings..
Doesn't Kate's granddaughter miss shaving for a few months?.

(Does Anyone Read Their Spam Anymore?)

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