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Poetry #260
(published January 5, 2006)
Signs that I am at One with the Universe
by Ronald Ibach
While I was refilling my 5th cup of morning coffee, I noticed something tiny and black sort of moving at the bottom of the cup.

Without my reading glasses, I couldn't tell if it was a coffee ground or one of the small flies that live in my bathroom ferns.

My reading glasses were all the way in the other room.

But, then again I could just use my finger to take the black thing out. But, then again my finger would get dirty.

Or, I could rinse out the cup. But, then I'd have to dry it.

Or, I could just get different cup. But, the dishwasher was already full.

So, I did what any other 56 year old would do.

I filled up my glass and ignored the bug. Hopefully, coffee ground.

Worse comes to worse, just more protein.

Ah . . . the Great Circle of Life.

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