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Poetry #225
(published May 5, 2005)
Wish You Were Here
by Kirk Davis
Symbiotic pants, macaroni and pants, occidental pants, autotrophic pants, Holy Mary Mother of pants, two cats in a window sill pants, rally pants, long pants, hair pants, invisibility pants.

Kiss me I'm pants, Hamburger Helper pants, peanut butter and pants, pants without hats, pants you wear to battle.

Botanical pants, schmotanical pants. One foot down in a monkeysuit pants.

Pants in space, Rommel you bastard I read your pants, one pants, Weltschmerz pants, fast getaway pants, sullen weedy pants, do-it-yourself pants, twelve-volt pants, Saint Pants, lifetime achievement pants, overpants, pants that can be spoken of and therefore are not the true pants, rhyming pants, medicinal pants, Swiss Army pants, flowering pants, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world in a storm of pants, batpants, sidekick pants, a cloud of smoke trying to occupy space pants, pants ambigu comme le moustique, tungsten halide pants, care for a muffin pants, thank you pants, and a pair of lightweight pants that suggest distraction.

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