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Poetry #222
(published April 14, 2005)
Forward Across the Sky
by Jason Polan
i was walking west down a street in the city today and it
was about 5:00 and really nice. one of the late afternoons
that you dont want to go inside because things look so
right outside. i noticed a helicopter really high up in
the sky not moving at all. it was just a silhouette
of a helicopter. i kept walking, passing under an awning
and when i came out from under it the helicopter was still
there and i was relieved because i had a moment of panic
that it would have been gone. i wanted to see it fly away.
so, i decided to stand on the side of the street and watch
it until it decided to move. another helicopter flew by
and i couldnt quite figure out why i was looking at the
first one so closely. i thought maybe that it was fake.
it wasnt just hovering, it was completely still. it was far
away so it could have been moving slightly but i couldnt see
that. it was a little like watching waves from an airplane.
a pigeon flew by in front of me. a third helicopter flew
by in the opposite direction as the second. the sky was
yellow and grey. then the nose of the original helicopter
dipped just a little bit and it started slowly moving
forward across the sky.

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