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Poetry #219
(published March 24, 2005)
Ash Tree
by Sean Norton
Fraxinus ornus in the Greek mountains,
spooned from the bark and spread
on the belly and neck line and
fat lips of baby Zeus.

Though I never went to Athos,
and did not make it to Patmos,
after I will say I drank
from the ash tree its leafy honey,

felt the honey rain on the world
from the world-ash.
I will translate some Norse mythology, not there,
but I suppose a here, which is as good.

Deep in the Germanic English,
as well in the Pacific Northwest,
we are said to have our appropriate worship.
It takes a long time to get to a word

like stone or tree, at least as long
as it takes to produce the actual object.
Sight fell through the tree,
that's how I knew it was the one,

the translucency. Once I found
the center, I waited breathless.
Someone tapped my shoulder
and it ended and we ate somewhere

and the world began.

Sean's first book, Bad With Faces is now available for sale from Red Morning Press.

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