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Poetry #202
(published November 25, 2004)
Thursday, November 11th, 2004 (an Ashley Davenport poem)
by Greg Rutter
i really want to
be a star like Avril
Lavigne . Not only is she super rich                  and famous,
                but more importantly
           she's really popular
      and happy .
That'd be really awesome
to not worry
if i look cute     or
if boys like me or not .

Brooke is still
a little mad with me about
this weekend
but she still came over and
watched MTV with me
yesterday . i
really want to get that new
Now CD cuz it has
so much good music on it.
i've never bought
one of those cuz i
don't buy a lot of CDs
i think this one is the one i'm going to buy .


This is one day from the diary of Ashley Davenport. Ashley is a 13 year old girl from Colorado. She has two BFFs (Best Friends Forevers) named Brooke and Michelle, a boyfriend named Tyson, and is born to shop.Greg Rutter

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