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Poetry #199
(published November 4, 2004)
Doggerel for the Day After (An Electoral Elegy)
by David Erik Nelson
Our President G. Dubya Bush,
Who we'd intended to send out on his tush,
Got votes from folks fearing attack
Using explosives we lost in al-Qaqaa.

As for Senators Kerry and Edwards
Perhaps the SCotUS could send them West Wing-wards
But it's doubtless historians will note
That they still lost the popular vote.

Now, we'll gladly concede that it's true:
Ohio didn't know what to do.
But, whoever the Buckeyes may choose,
It's We, the People, who lose.

Dedicated to our Nation's Founding Fathers who wanted nothing more than to form a more perfect Union where they could efficiently disenfranchise the masses and continue fucking their slaves.

Enter the First Ever Post-Election Pandemonium Electoral Elegy Clerihew Competition!

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