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Poetry #177
(published May 13, 2004)
(a song)
by Matt Schneider

Sitting on a basement shelf
Hasn't been played in fourteen years
We both need a little help
What we needed, a premonition

   Hold on so tight
   Try like hell to wrong the right
   See the break, but not the bend
   In the end, it's a premonition

Yell and kick and scream inside
Cry yourself to sleep at night
Loose the sky, stay in and hide
It's not right, it's a premonition


Years from now, far from home
All grown up, your friends are gone
How I wish I hadn't roamed
Don't remember a premonition


Listen to your freedom cry
Make amends and do what's wrong
Your window's small, we all must die
Take a chance, use the premonition


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